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What To Watch In Football Betting

Football is the most popular betting sport in the world, with consistent games and a host of bet providers, football is a great decision for any new bettor keen on sports betting. When learning how to bet on football and making decisions for your bets, there are a few key elements that one needs to focus on in order to make successful bets. In the below we will discuss a few of the things you should keep an eye on in any football game.

The Players

In Football perhaps the most important element to know is the players. Knowing their current condition and scoring history will play a key role in ensuring you make successful bets. While knowing each and every player well, following all of their personal social media accounts and information from tipsters would be ideal, it can be near impossible to follow for all the players across several teams.

The Teams

While individual players are extremely important, let’s not forget to focus on the team as a whole. It is great practice to know the recent history of the teams you plan to bet on in certain event. Knowing how many goals a team has scored is great but is often not the whole picture you may need to decide on a winning bet.

Knowing the performance of a team as a unit is vital to winning, there is no use in a team having a great scorer if he is never given the opportunity to do so.

The Event

Knowing the history of any particular event is vital if you hope to bet successfully. Fortunately in football teams tend to stay relatively consistent, while this is not a set rule, it is fair to assume that a team will be able to repeat a performance at any given event. Event to event, however, is where things start to differ.

Different stadium and surfaces can have a great effect on a performance of any given team. Be sure to know the event history as well as you can before placing your winning bets.

Finding Value

The most important job of any avid bettor will be to find value in their bets. It is a common practice to have several sportsbooks at the ready to look for the most favourable odds being supplied to you. Another important factor in finding value in your bets is being able to find when to fade the public.

As in most sports betting, avid fans of a team will generally bet on their team even in the event of a potential loss, these avid fans drive the odds of the opposite team in your favour. Try to get to know which teams usually have the most bets placed on them and use this to your advantage.