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What Are the Basics of Online Roulette

Roulette and online roulette is a casino game that involves a spinning wheel, a small ball, and a player betting where the little white ball is going to land on the spinning wheel. There are numbers that surround the wheel that are red, black or green and there are both odd numbers and even numbers.

How to Play

In order to get the game going, the croupier starts the wheel spinning in a certain direction and then shoots the ball in the direction opposite to the wheel. The ball, after some time of spinning around the top of the wheel, will lose its momentum and drop into the area where the numbers are located. Whichever number that the balls lands on will be the winning number for that spin.

What is interesting is the player does not necessarily have to pick the exact winning number in order to win in roulette and best online roulette games. There are several different types of bets that players can make, and each of these bets have different odds and different payouts for the players.

Bets and Payouts

The following bets and payouts are outlined for the American roulette game and wheel. The French wheel differs because of the numbers on the wheel. Where the American wheel has thirty eight spaces, the French wheel actually has thirty seven. This obviously impacts the player’s odds significantly.

The first bet a player can make in roulette and online roulette is zero. The payout for this bet is thirty five to one and the odds against winning are thirty seven to one. Another bet a player can make is double zero. The payout for this particular bet is also thirty five to one and the odds against winning are thirty seven to one.

Another bet is called straight up. This bet is when a player bets on any single number. The payout is thirty five to one and the odds are thirty seven to one. When a player bets row, which is either zero or double zero, the odds are eighteen to one and the payout is seventeen to one. The split bet, which is any two numbers that are next to each other, has the same payout and odds. A basket bet is zero, one, two, or double zero, two, three or zero, double zero, two. This bet has a payout of eleven to one and odds of eleven point six seven to one. The street bet, which is any three numbers that are horizontal, carries the same odds and payout.

A corner bet is any four numbers that are adjoining. Odds are eight point five to one and payout is eight to one. The top line bet is zero, double zero, one, two and three which pays out six to one and has odds of six point six to one. Six line bet includes any six numbers that are on two horizontal rows. Payout is five to one and odds are five point three to one. There are then first column, second column, third column, first dozen, second dozen, and third dozen bets that all carry a two to one payout with two and one sixth to one odds. The final bets a player can make in roulette and online roulette are odd, even, red, black, one to eighteen and nineteen to thirty six. These bets all pay one to one with one and one ninth to one odds.