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To Be The King of the Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs have, for thousands of years, been a subject of extreme interest all over the world. Whilst scientists can only speculate about exactly what it was like to live in the era of the dinosaur, Realtime Gaming has created an online slots game called T Rex.

Main Features

T Rex has some features that make it stand out as a Realtime Gaming classic. Firstly, these features include a sizeable progressive jackpot that can pay out at absolutely any point in the game. Secondly, there are a number of wild symbols, much like the dinosaur, that can help players increase their number of winning combinations and in turn, their winnings. Finally, the dinosaur-era themed graphics can really transport players back in time. The attention to detail that has gone into creating the graphics on this game must be commended.

All in all, T Rex online slots game has quite the combination of features to offer players. With symbols that can yield fantastic rewards, an unpredictable progressive jackpot and an easy-to-navigate betting system, this game has all the makings of a classic online casino NZ slots game. Of course, the dinosaur graphics also contribute greatly to a player’s overall experience, transporting them back in time to when these fascinating beasts walked our planet in all their majesty.

The game allows players to make some extra money whilst playing amongst the dinosaurs. For players of all levels of experience, this game provides a platform on which to test the favours of Lady Luck. Below, you will find all the information you need to know before you start playing.

Placing Your Bet

Realtime Gaming has developed a betting system that is incredibly easy to use. To increase or decrease the value of your bet, you simply need to click on the arrows at the top of the screen until you reach your desired value. When playing T Rex, you can choose to bet up to $5 per line, or as low as $0.01. Once you are satisfied with the selected value, simply click “Spin”, and the game will have begun. Should you wish to stick to this value for the entire duration of your play, you do have the option of making use of the Autoplay function, which will automatically spin the reels for you.

Getting To Know The Symbols

No online slots game would be complete without its symbols. T Rex by Realtime Gaming has a number of symbols that clearly signify a certain action the game will take. The symbol of the dinosaur after which the game is named acts as the substitute, which can stand in for any missing symbol in order to complete a winning combination. If this dinosaur appears in a winning combination, the player’s prize money is immediately doubled. The T Rex can stand in for any symbol except for the egg symbol. The latter awards the player with up to 30 free games that will not be taken from his or her credits.