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The Martingale Betting System

The martingale betting system is one of many gambling strategies that originated during 18th century France, and is still extremely popular today. The very simplest rendition of the martingale strategy involves the player making a straightforward wager, and then doubling his bet every time he makes a loss. Eventually the player will land a win, and will earn back double of whatever they have lost.

The martingale is often used in games of Roulette, as the player can make the simple bet of black or red, where there is a 50% chance of winning or losing. The martingale has certain limits, such as the fact that every losing bet costs the bettor double, and will quickly rack up into huge numbers if the player continues betting. The martingale is a deceptive strategy, as the exponential rise of the bet for every loss can quickly bankrupt a player if they don’t manage to land many wins, or any wins at all.

The simplest examples of the martingale strategy would be if a player bets $5. If the player wins, they bet $5 again. If the player loses, they bet $10, and this goes on indefinitely. Every time the player wins, they earn $5 profit of their initial investment. It can be a profitable strategy if used properly, but can be quite complicated to learn and master.

How To Increase The Odds Using Martingale

There are a number of different factors that alter the way the odds work when using the martingale as a means of betting. However, players can employ some basic strategies to give themselves more of an edge at the table. The very first factor to consider is the amount the player has available to bet with. The less the player has to start, the less that is available to win, as the player essentially has less time to spend at the table. The amount of usable money determines the length of time the player can stay and place bets, as every loss means doubling the bet, and this can make the bet rack up quickly. Additionally, the less time spent at the table, the less of a return chance the player has. On the other hand, if the player arrives with a large amount to wager on the table, the more time the player can spend betting, and increasing the overall return chances. This can increase the chances from as low as 46% to as high as 82%. Despite all this, players must note that the martingale is meant to be used in the short term, as every loss means betting more and potentially losing more, and every lose makes the bet grow exponentially.

Another factor that is just as important is the type of game the player chooses to play. Roulette, for example, is often the preferred choice, as the bets range from as simple as wagering on black or red, to complicated wagers involving many different bets at the same time. The martingale strategy can also be used successfully in games such as blackjack or baccarat not not real money pokies.

Deciding Whether To Use Martingale

Players wanting to use the martingale system for the first time will need to keep a few things in mind. The first is that while the martingale does increase the chances of winning if used properly, the player must be prepared to lose more money than they are used to. The martingale must always be utilised in the short term, and players must be prepared to make a complete loss, as it can happen.