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Sports Betting Tips That Most Newbies Overlook & Never Win

Before engaging into sports betting online activities, you should know that making money out of this venture implies following some rules. At a first glance, betting looks easier than gambling. After all, you place your bet on a solid team against a weak one. Chances to win the bet are higher than if you play bingo or blackjack. However, just like any other form of money making, this one implies taking some risks and imposing an iron self discipline. Without discipline, you are less likely to make the difference in the long run. Instead, you will join the 95% of all users who lose more than what they win. Then, how would you like to be part of the 5%?

Before moving on and making a first deposit, it is worth noting that you require solid knowledge about the sport you will join. It makes no difference if you plan to throw your extra cash on basketball, football or baseball. Do not just bet on cricket if you got no clue what the rules are. Do not bet on some random tennis players who you have never heard about. Many newbies make decisions based on nothing but the odds. The odds might look fine, but they never consider the missing players, injuries, suspended players, new coaches or other elements that can “shock” the audience. These are the elements that cause so many surprises in the sports world.

Do so and you risk filling the bookmaking house reservoir with your savings. Instead, you only gain some hope and experience. So, what should you know before making your first sports betting Mastercard deposit?

First steps in joining sports betting

Most importantly, document yourself. Research, learn and bet on sports that you are familiar with. Gain as much information about the upcoming teams or players. You might be familiar with some of them, but it does not mean that you should skip the research. Every week brings in new players, injuries, morale issues and so on. Such things change from day to day. On a different note, statistics will give you way more information than you can imagine. No one can guarantee for your success though, but everyone can agree that you are likely to increase your winning odds. Luckily, there are plenty of stats over the Internet of those who are interested in crown oaks betting

Another good idea for newbies is to stick to one game on a ticket. Never exaggerate with the bet slip. Sure, it sounds tempting to do it, especially if you find some of the best rated teams playing during the day. If you stick to small amounts of money, you can go up to three games, but avoid getting over this limit. Many betting enthusiasts come up with novel-like bet slips of 10 or even 20 games, only to wonder why they have never won a single ticket.


In conclusion, a little research and some self control will work wonders in the long run. It is critical to avoid temptations and keep cool while making your bet slips.