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Royal Dynasty Novomatic Video Slot Overview

The Royal Dynasty Novomatic video slot is an online casino game, available to play on desktop computer and laptop. It is based around the theme of a handsome royal family, including a king, queen, prince and duke. The interesting special feature of the game is that it ties the game symbols in with the standard idea of playing cards, allowing matches to be made in a similar fashion to poker. In terms of design the game features high-resolution images that animate upon being matched, which are a visual treat and go a long way to making the game entertaining.

The soundtrack, however, leaves much to be desired, with only the most primitive of beeps and boops accompanying each spin. A good soundtrack would have gone a long way to stop players from quickly turning off the sound via the sound icon, found in the upper right of the screen. In terms of game play a five reel, twenty play line system is used, with individual lines adjustable via a simple interface. This gives much freedom and strategy to the player, which will appeal greatly to slot game veterans.

Symbol Designs

In the Royal Dynasty Novomatic video slot the player will become familiar with the king and queen, who are extremely valuable icons. The king can be identified by his grey beard and classic red crown, and should be looked out for with keen eyes, given that he pays an immense amount if matched the total of five times. His much younger looking queen is likewise a good payout amount, as well as the prince, leaving only the duke as a much more modest in terms of value. Some of the other symbols include a lion statue, an eagle, and gold coins and a blue shield. The nine, ten, jack and queen are also present, and the least valuable symbols in the game.

Bonus Features

In the Royal Dynasty Novomatic video slot there are a number of special features, all of which are unique and highly intuitive. Paying matches may be made in the standard fashion, with same symbols able to match by simply appearing beside one another. The unique play design, however, means that different symbols may create valuable matches, using the same rules as poker. If, for example, the ten, jack, and queen are aligned, the king will work as a fourth symbol, creating a winning payout of immense value.

The same applies if two king playing card symbols match with the symbol of the king, which will provide a three king payout. This system makes a great deal of sense, and a player will quickly come to terms with how winning matches may be created. The same rules apply for the queen, meaning that a great many wining sequences are possible, and many extremely valuable matches can be created in unexpected fashion. Note that the prince acts as the scatter symbol in this game, and will grant free spins if matching with himself at least three times. All in all, the Royal Dynasty Novomatic Video Slot is an original game that offers much to online keno NZ players.