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Ride the Caravan Train to Riches

The Arabian Caravan slot machine game, created by Genesis Software, is a well made online gambling experience. It features a theme based around classic desert adventure literature, and is presented with well drawn graphics, as well as a professional grade soundtrack. The special features in the game are interesting and well executed, meaning that the experience is all round one of the more impressive in modern online gambling. The game is available for mobile phone, tablet, laptop and home computer.

Special Features And bonuses

There are two special feature tiles in the Arabian Caravan slots NZ game, as well as a bonus mini-game. The first special feature tile is the wild tile, or joker card, which allows for matches to be made where they were otherwise impossible.

The wild tile is represented by an image of the city, and may match, for example, with two aces to create a winning sequence of three aces. You may also match two wild tiles in a sequence, such as two aces and two wilds, which will create a four aces winning sequence. The scatter symbol, represented by a camel in front of a moon, will trigger the mini-game if matched with itself three times. Notably, the scatter symbol does not have to be in sequence in order to match, but simply has to appear in the play area. Once the scatter symbols match the mini-game will be launched.

This requires the player to select from fifteen jars, which will award bonuses based on the contents of the jar. If a jar contains an oasis image, the player is granted and instant random number of cash. If the city image is revealed, the player is granted an instant large cash prize, and a new set of jars are given. If, however, the player reveals a sand image at any time, the bonus mini-game is ended and the sequence is over. It goes without saying then, that the player will want to get to this bonus mini game as often as possible.

Arabian Caravan Slot Play Rules

The Arabian Caravan slot machine game is based around the traditional rules of slot machines. As such, the player is required to first make an initial upfront bet, after which the reels may be set into motion. Once the reels have spun and stopped, tiles will be displayed in the play area.

Any matching sequences created in the play area will automatically payout, with amounts based on the value of the tiles in the sequence. Keep in mind that the bet amount may be changed between spins, which allows for a strategic approach to the game. If bonus or special feature tiles are landed, such as the scatter icon, the mini-games will automatically launch.

Note that this game uses a five reel, two hundred and forty three play line system, meaning that wins are frequent, but that payouts per win are low. If you would like a more detailed explanation of this games rules, please check the information page in the game, or contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.