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Play Green Lantern Online Slot with Our Guide

Green Lantern is a game derived from the well known character from the DC Comic that made its appearance in the 1940s. The Green Lantern is a super hero whose powers are activated by inserting his ring into a lantern beam before going into battle with the evil Sinestro. The game attracts many players because of its well designed theme, the Ring of Power game with its accompanying bonuses, and the multiplying feature which offers potential big jackpots. The percentage of the payouts will vary from one gaming site to another, but can always be significant.

Green Lantern is an Easy Game to Play

This slots game provides an easily navigated screen, with many interesting and colourful features. It is a five reels, 50 paylines game, and if the player uses the opportunity to press the Special Bonus button on the right hand side of the screen, there is the possibility of activating as many as 60 paylines.

The hero appears on the screen in a strange luminous green light, and the music which goes together with the story is bold and dynamic. The animation of the characters is strong and lively when any winning combinations of the symbols appear. In addition to the Green Lantern super hero, which is a Wild icon, there is also his Ring of Power, which is a scatter icon, and, of course, the evil Sinestro. There are some secondary playing card characters too, which are drawn from the popular comic book series.

Bonus Features of the Game

As a Wild card symbol, the Green Lantern can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. Its appearance on an active payline multiplies the winning combination by two.

When a battery symbol is seen on the third reel, together with the Green Lantern on either side, a free spin play results, with 24 free spins. If the player chooses to activate the bonus bet feature first, this free spin can multiply the winnings by as much as four times. Free Spins, however, do not offer any free play bonuses.

Another bonus feature is the Ring of Power bonus. This special bonus comes into operation when three ring icons appear on the reels at the same time. The animated figures of the Green Lantern and the evil Sinestro face up to each other on screen. The length of the power beam of the Green Lantern at the end of this bonus round determines the amount of the reward. This is reported to be as high as 100 times the original bet, so at least one active payline is required.

Green Lantern Rewards

The maximum jackpot for the appearance of five icons of the evil Sinestro appearing on an active payline is supposed to be ten thousand times the original bet made. The second highest jackpot is two thousand times the amount of the bet.

This game, based on the iconic super hero, gives the player the chance to create anything out of pure energy. The ring also allows the player to become a member of the intergalactic police force. The slots game stays true to the theme and story in the comic, and to the graphic novel which was also based on the same comic.