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Origins of Blackjack

Blackjack is said to have originated in France and was developed from two games known as chemin de fer and French femme.  Round about the 1700’s blackjack as we know it was being played by the French and they called it vingt-et-un, which means twenty one.  In the 1800’s blackjack was being played in America and became very popular and it was in America that the term blackjack originated.  Interestingly enough the original blackjack was played a bit differently. The dealer dealt two cards and if they were jack of spades and an ace of spades the player would win and be paid out 10 to 1.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system developed for mobile devices and developed by Google and is based on the Linux kernel.  Android was developed mainly for touch screen devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets, but is also used in digital cameras, gaming consoles and desktops and other electronic devices.

Advantages of Playing Android Blackjack

The greatest advantage of playing android blackjack is that it can be played anywhere at any time.  If you possibly have a few moments to spare while waiting in a queue somewhere or taking the bus to work, play a hand of android blackjack.  Not only will it pass the time, but you may win a few hands and have some extra money in your pocket.  The number of android blackjack players are growing every day, mainly because it is so convenient to play anytime.  The software developers are aware of this and are developing more software that android blackjack players can use.  Technology has improved over the years which means better uploads and problem free gaming for android users.   Online casinos will regularly offer players incentives and promotions to attract customers to their sites.  Also offered to android blackjack players are bonuses, such as a reload bonus.  These bonuses are over and above the money which players can win when playing android blackjack.

Safety While Playing Android Blackjack

There is often concern over the safety aspect of downloading online casino games such as online bingo.  With the advancement of technology very high levels of security are built into these online sites and players do not have to worry about the safety of playing android blackjack.  Android blackjack players can feel secure when withdrawing or depositing money and that their personal information such as banking details are kept safe.  Of course not all online casino sites are legitimate and players should make sure to find out which online casinos are safe to play.  Players are urged to check customer reviews and try out these sites before committing to playing for real money.

As mentioned, players have the choice of playing for real money or playing for free.  Playing for free is a great way to become familiar with the game and the rules.  These free versions will give players a feel for the game and also help with different strategies which will help players to win when playing for real money.

Android blackjack is a great way to pass the time and to win some extra money whilst having fun.