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Online Cycling Betting Explained for Punters

Online sportsbooks have put cycling betting within the reach of more people than ever before. It’s also made the range of possible wagering options and events much wider.

The best place to start your online cycling wagering experience at online betting site is with the European Grand Tours. These 3 races are the biggest events in cycling, and offer every possible variation of online cycling betting. Once you’ve had a chance to get familiar with all of these on a smoothly run event, you can apply this knowledge to wagers on smaller races.

The 3 Grand tours are Italy’s Giro d’Italia, Spain’s Vuelta a España and of course the Tour de France. They all take place over a period of 20 days, and can all be bet on at every major online bookmaker.

Online Cycling Betting Options

The different wagers that are available for cycling events range from very simple to quite exotic, so that every level of punting skill and experience is accommodated. Straight bets on stage and race winners are a good place for beginners to start, as are head-to-head wagers. In these head-to-head bets you’ll be putting money on which of 2 riders will rank higher at the end of a race or stage. Since you’re only considering 2 athletes and not the entire team, these results tend to be easier to predict.

The more time you spend watching cycling events and punting on them online, the more insight you’ll gain into the sport and the bets that deliver the best results for you. You’ll also feel more confident in betting on more exotic stakes, such as the very specific Polka Dot Jersey bets that are available for the Tour de France. This is also known as King of the Mountains, and the Jersey is awarded to the best-performing cyclist in mountainous terrain over the race. You can also branch out into wagers that have a more complex structure and into live betting, where you get to adjust your strategy in real time as the action takes place.

Strategy Tips for Cycling Betting

Cycling events are actually some of the trickiest races to bet on, and it takes time to develop and refine your skill in this area. Predicting who will win a stage or a whole race is known to be very difficult, so if you want to play the long game you need to manage your bankroll very carefully. The most successful strategy has been found to be spreading the stakes across as many riders as possible, by backing stage winners.

It’s also important to find out as much information as possible about the riders and teams you are considering, and about the actual course of the race. One of the best things about online cycling betting is that all of this information is available at your fingertips. Check the weather reports and other predicted race conditions, as well as each cyclist’s performance history for different altitudes and terrains. Since cycling is a team sport, you should also find out what the basic plan of each team is. Try to choose a group that intends to aim for the most points and stage wins, as this has been found to be the most profitable strategy.

Watch as many events as possible, and take note of how accurately you are able to predict winners and outcomes. Check out expert commentaries, and discuss races and bets in online forums as well. Take advantage of every resource to develop your cycling betting skills!