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Microgaming to Release Avalon II

When it was announced that game developer Microgaming to release Avalon II online slots sequel, players were whipped into a frenzy of excitement, as the first version of the game had already been somewhat spectacular. A true testament to Microgaming’s development prowess, the original Avalon slot was incredibly detailed, featured gorgeous graphics, a mesmerising soundtrack and a storyline that transported you straight into the Arthurian legend.

Hotly anticipated to be one of the biggest and best games of the year, when the Microgaming to release Avalon II announcement was made slots enthusiasts held their breath. In 2014, when the long awaited game made its debut at ICE in London it certainly lived up to expectations and the stunning trailer, which had given players a sneak peak into the mystical medieval world created by Microgaming, certainly delivered on the hype it had created.

2 Years in the Making

When news hit the web of Microgaming to release Avalon II players wondered if the sequel could possibly live up to the first game, but after seeing the slots intro clip, it was evident that the new game was bigger, better and brighter than ever before.

These historical themed slots really brought the legend of King Arthur to life on the reels and included the Lady of the Lake, Merlin, Excalibur, the Isle of Avalon and an 6 tiered bonus quest that took players through the Lake of Legend, Misty Vale, Whispering Woods, Forest Falls, Dusky Moors, Morgan’s Keep, Hall of Shadows and onto the isle of Avalon. In Avalon II players set off on a quest to reforge Excalibur and search for the Holy Grail, all in keeping with the Arthurian legends’ theme.

Microgaming took over two years to create Avalon II and the result is simply spectacular. The game is absolutely breath taking with 3D graphics and animations at every turn, and it instantly immerses players in a medieval land of legends.

Updated Online Slots

The original Avalon slot featured a somewhat dated 20 paylines, so when the announcement was made that Microgaming to release Avalon II there was some excitement as to what sort of format the developer would choose to use in this updated version of the original game.

Players were not disappointed, as Microgaming opted to do away with traditional paylines all together, instead utilising their 243 Ways to Win system which has proven to be incredibly popular.

Familiar Storyline with a Twist

On the reels players will find the familiar characters of Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin, and the quest for the Holy Grail and the reforging of Excalibur drives the games storyline. Avalon II is an excellent example of online slots meets video game and players set off on a quest that sees the storyline develop with every bonus round triggered. Starting off with rebuilding Excalibur and progressing to fighting off the Black Knight and claiming the Holy Grail, Avalon II is an epic online slots game that has done Microgaming proud.

For many players the original Avalon was a real money slots for Android game of epic proportions, but when the rumours abounded that Microgaming to release Avalon II arose, it was clear that the first game was simply setting the stage for what was to come.