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Lantern Festival Slot by WMS Guide

Bursting with colour, glowing lights and traditional Chinese festivities, Lantern festival video slot powered by Williams Interactive software, puts a whole new spin on the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar. This festival marks the final day of celebrations for the Chinese New Year.

The lanterns are of great significance and can represent people letting go of their past selves in order to obtain a new lease on life. This can be repeated the very next year and has become a great tradition in Chinese culture. Lanterns are mostly red in colour as red is associated with good fortune.  The exact origin of the Lantern Festival is unknown; many believe it is humanity’s liberation from the dark ages with the power to move around freely using man made light. Lantern festival video slot is characterised by lanterns and abounding with lights, it transports players to this beautiful tradition from the comfort of your favourite chair.

Lantern festival slot is a 5-Reel, 40 payline video slot title. The game offers multipliers, extreme symbols as well as a bonus round. The graphics are dedicated to traditional sentiment with nothing over the top, just plain well-rounded graphics that convey the tradition and culture of the festival.

The play at Canadian casino online is smooth with no jitters, accompanied by authentic and traditional music, which makes this slot title a serene experience. Floating over the reels players can expect traditional Chinese themed graphics directly linked to The Lantern Festival and Chinese New Year. These include but are not limited to classic dragons, wooden flutes, glowing lanterns and lotus flowers. Williams has also incorporated extreme symbols into the Lantern festival slot title, which helps players to make wild winning combinations.

Interesting Features

Lantern festival slot has some unique features that vary from most other slot titles available. The game features extreme symbols, wager saver feature, bonus free spin round and a stacked wild symbol. The stacked wild symbol is a dragon and can add up to some big winning combinations if players are lucky enough to fill up an entire reel with this symbol.

Extreme Symbols

Williams Interactive has introduced something called extreme symbols to video slot titles. Players will identify these symbols as eight matching symbols stacked on top of one another, available both to the base game and free spins round of the game. These symbols provide players with a good chance of forming multiple winning combinations. Furthermore since these eight symbols can stack up on one another players have a better chance of landing on these symbols in every spin.

Wager Saver

This is an interesting feature for slot titles that is similar to the all in call during a game of poker. If players find themselves in the situation where they do not have enough to cover the minimum wager value, players can then choose to wager their entire remaining amount in order to gain enough for another spin.

Bonus Game

Landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels, triggers the bonus round of the game. The bonus game will also reward players with between two times and twenty times the specified stake depending on the amount of scatter symbols players hit. Frees spins range between ten and fifty in this feature. The free spins round also makes use of a different reel set, there are now eight symbols per reel instead of four. The paylines also double up to eighty instead of the forty in the base game.