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Its Not Only For Oktober – Bierfest Slots

The Bier Fest slot machine game, created by Genesis Software, is an outstanding gambling game for online play. It features a theme based around the well known German Oktoberfest, which is regarded as a time to enjoy and indulge in good food and better beer. The game has outstanding graphics and an exceptionally pleasant interactive soundtrack, as well as noticeable production value in all aspects of its design. The bonus games are also well created and unique. Bier Fest is available on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and tablet. It may be played for free, using virtual currency, or for real money. When playing for real money, please be sure you have an active account with funds available.

Standard Play Symbols

The Bier Fest slot machine game features picture play symbols of very high resolution quality, allowing for easy viewing on small screens, as well as a sharp visual experience for those playing on larger screens. The standard play symbols include a lady with a mug of beer, a gentleman in a green hat, a lady with an accordion, and a lady holding a plate of bratwurst. The beer carrying lady is the most valuable, and will payout a good amount if matching with herself three times, or an even bigger amount if matching four or five times. The nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used, and offer the lowest standard win value in the game.

How To Play Bier Fest

The Bier Fest slot machine game abides by the standard and expected slot machine rules, with a few added bonus features making it one of the favourite pokies for NZ players. The game uses a five reel, twenty five line play system, but does not allow for the number of lines to be adjusted. This means that twenty five lines are always active. In order to start a game, the player should first consider their current bet amount. This can be changed via the menu system, which is found on the left of the screen.

Once the betting amount is set, a spin may then be taken via the spin button, found at the bottom right of the screen. Upon a spin being taken, barrels will fall from the top of the play area, and any matching sequences created will automatically be marked by the game with a solid line. Valid payouts will be added to the bank balance, depending on the value of the sequence created. The bet amount may again be adjusted before another spin is taken.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the possible matching sequence, or the special features, please check the help section, which can be found via the menu. You may also contact the customer support centre of Genesis Software available at

Four Special Feature Systems

The Bier Fest slot machine game has multiple special features. The first is the barrel wild feature, which allows any barrel appearing on reel three to automatically turn the entire reel wild. The bier drinking feature means that any bier appearing on reels two and four will offer a chance to win an instant special prize. In the wild pig race, if a pig is on line one, and pretzel on line four, random wilds will be added. Finally, three or more scatter icons will trigger free spins.