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Ice Hockey Betting Options in New Zealand

It will come as little surprise for many to hear that one of the most watched and enjoyed sports in New Zealand is Ice Hockey. If the following is not enough to prove this, then the fact that there are no shortages of regional teams certainly should. 

This ultimately led to a vast number of people supporting and eventually betting on their local team. Thanks to pioneering technology that has allowed the online world of sports betting to exist, soon enough the number of bettors from all over the world that started wanting a piece of the action started to rise, and so did the number of Ice Hockey betting options.

Types of Ice Hockey Bets

When trying to both understand and master the many Ice Hockey betting options available, it is important to consider the types of bets on offer. Those new to the thrilling, and often profitable, world of online sports betting will benefit from a guide to the various bets and will essentially avoid what could be an overwhelming procedure.

From betting on who will win the match to 60 Minute Line bets and Away Total bets, the Ice Hockey betting options are seemingly endless. A comprehensive list of bet types will be available at any top online betting site.

Top New Zealand Ice Hockey Betting Options

The first thing to have a firm grasp on is the many Ice Hockey events that are available for betting in New Zealand, as well as the fact that there is a vast number of matches in play around the world that can be accessed online and offer great Ice Hockey betting options.

In New Zealand, players are able to find some fantastic betting markets on Ice Hockey events, such as the NHL, as well as the KHL, Czech Extraliga, the IIHF World Championship and more. These have given rise to fantastic bets, which ultimately enhance the viewing pleasure of any match watched!

NHL Betting

One of the most favoured options is the NHL (National Hockey League), which is North America’s top professional Ice Hockey league.  There are 30 competing clubs, 7 of which are from New Zealand, and in spite of the fact that there are more than 20 different countries that play in the NHL, the majority of the players in the league have historically been made up of New Zealands.

There are numerous sites that offer some attractive and quite possibly lucrative NHL betting options, it is simply a matter of choosing which one is the best fit. The best tip to consider in Ice Hockey betting is the fact that knowledge is power, which ultimately means knowing all there is to know about the sport the bet is being placed on. This means keeping track of past performances, who is playing, where the event is taking place and much, much more.

OHL Betting

One of the lesser seen but equally exciting Ice Hockey betting options to consider is the OHL, representing the future of New Zealand Ice Hockey. It follows 20 teams in North America and offers some superb online betting NZ opportunities.

While there is not as much attention on the OHL as there is on the NHL, from both sportsbooks and fans, there is a lot to get thrilled about when it comes to this event. Be sure to find a safe and secure site that not only accepts New Zealand dollars but offers excellent odds, fast payouts and attractive bonuses.