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How To Bet On Crab Soccer

Crab soccer is a form of soccer often played at schools, or by children on playgrounds. As apposed to normal soccer, with players running on two legs and kicking an inflated ball, crab soccer requires that players support themselves with hands and feet, kicking a deflated ball.

The game is generally played for laughs, and not taken especially seriously, and is recommended at children’s birthday parties. There are, however, professional games of crab soccer that allow bet makers to be place bets.

There is no one set of official rules for crab soccer. Children tend to make up the rules on the spot, although the rules are more or less the same as standard soccer, at least as far as the ball goes. In terms of how players are required to behave, some sets of rules state that players may only move at a sideways angle, hence the name crab soccer. Other sets of rules are not as strict about the movement of the players, but instead insist that the ball may only be kicked a single time by a player in a team, and by another member of that team, before the first may kick the ball. This rule encourages team play in the sport and nurtures a sense of equality between the children.

Professional Crab Soccer

It’s an idea that makes some laugh out loud, but there are, in fact, professional games of crab soccer played in various parts of the world. The sport is most popular, on a professional level, in the United States, where teams engage in tournaments. The sport is played in countries all over the world, but few other countries have ever considered it a sport that may be played on a professional level.

In professional crab soccer a set of official rules is used, which states how the players are required to behave, and how the ball may be handled. As in standard soccer, only the goalie may use his hands when interacting with the ball. The players may only kick the ball. Tackling is also handled the same as standard soccer, with fouls declared for unnecessary roughness, or if a player tackles a player that does not have the ball.

Betting On Crab Soccer

Crab soccer, being an exceptionally niche sport, is supported only by limited online bookmakers. It has been said, however, that as far as betting on sports goes, there are few sports as unpredictable and unique as crab soccer. It may seem like a laughable idea to some, but the fact that crab soccer is so clumsy is exactly why it is interesting as far as placing bets goes. A game may swing suddenly one way or the other, which means that a supposed underdog team may win very suddenly. As far as payouts are concerned at the best online betting NZ sites, this is very good news.

Standard crab soccer betting options include fixed rates on teams to win, with odds based on the performance of the teams up until that point. Those interested in placing bets should look into the various teams, and the results of previous games. Those with a sense of bet making adventure may find the sport appealing for variety of reasons.