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Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot Online Slots

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot is based on the mythical story of Hercules, son of Greek god Zeus  and, as is the case with most mythical Greek heroes, a mortal mother.  Having been born out of wedlock, Hercules becomes the prime target of the jealous wife of Zeus, causing him to become involved in a series of unfortunate events, for which he later has to atone for by performing impossible and daunting tasks.  True to form, he accomplishes some incredible feats, and as a reward receives a palatial home on mount Olympus, and a goddess for a wife.  It is this fable of heroism and reward that sets the scene for Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot.

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot features a reel layout that differs from most other online slots.  A 5 x 4 reel set appears on the left hand side of the screen, and a 5 x 12 reel set on the right.  The game features 100 paylines.

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot Colossal Reel Set

The Colossal Reel Set comprises of a standard 5 x 4 reel set, and a 5 x 12 bonus reel set.  The bonus reel set is activated by the landing Stacked Wild symbols on the standard reel set.

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot Symbols

Symbols include carafes of Ambrosia, a beautiful goddess, horns, berries, armour, palaces and golden coins.  Symbols all carry different values when landed favourably on the reels.  The horns and berries will increase your fortune by 250 credits each, respectively.  Armour is next in line at 500 credits, and the beautiful goddess will add a nifty 1 000 credits to your kitty.  There is also a warrior to be battled – landing 5 of these will increase your winnings by a mighty 1 250 credits.

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot Wild Hercules Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by the Hercules Mystical Warrior logo, and will substitute all other reel symbols.

The Bonus Symbol

The bonus symbol is Hercules himself, and landing a favourable combination on reels 1, 3 and 5 will result in Free Spins and a Total Bet Multiplier.  A combination of 3 bonus symbols will be rewarded with 8 free spins and will also multiply the total bet by 2.  4 bonus symbols will trigger 12 free spins, and activate 5 x total bet multiplier.  5 symbols will trigger a whopping 20 free spins, and also multiply the total bet by 20.

User-Friendly Game Interface

This mobile casinos Canada game interface is simple to use and easy to understand.

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot is easily navigated and an engaging and interactive game to play.  The images are imaginative and visually very pleasing.

Hercules Mythical Warrior Slot can be played for real money or for free, and is accessible across a range of platforms, including a mobile platform.