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Get Hold of All of Ramesses Riches in This Slot

The Ramesses Riches slot game is created by Cryptologic. It is well known for its excellently presented Egyptian theme, which is based around the legendary Pharaoh Ramesses. The graphics of the game are rich and highly detailed, with each character design ripping with detail. One can almost feel the presence of Ramesses when he appears on the reels, with his deep eyes staring out at the player. Other famous Egyptian icons are also present, such as Cleopatra, making the game a veritable celebrity line up of ancient Egypt.

The soundtrack, however, is a great deal less impressive then the graphics, with only basic reel spinning sounds used. This is a bit disappointing, and it seems an enormous missed opportunity not including an Egyptian themed soundtrack. The game play, using a five reel, twenty betting line system, is still a great deal of fun, and the Ramesses Riches slot game will offer entertainment for both experienced and novice slot game players of online casinos in Sri Lanka.

Egyptian Themed Symbols

Ramesses has already been mentioned as the star of the Ramesses riches slot game, but lets have a look at some of the other symbol designs. The most valuable standard symbol in the game is Cleopatra, who is shown here as an amazingly attractive lady, complete with a piercing stare. She will payout the biggest standard payout upon being matched the maximum of five times, and may well win the heart of the player.

The second most valuable symbol is a rather creepy cat stature, shown with an ankh around its neck. These alarming cat figures will payout a good sum if matched five times, but rather modest amount if matched only three times. Next on the list, in terms of value, are a scroll of papyrus and the eye of Ra, both of which have equal value. They are medium level symbols, and the last of the picture symbols.

The remaining symbols, and those with lowest value, are the playing card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Although having a vaguely Egyptian font, the playing card symbols really don’t mix with the rest of the theme, which is a bit of a shame.

Egyptian Bonuses

There are two bonus symbol worth noting in the Ramesses Riches slot game. The first is Ramsses himself, who acts not only as the wild symbol, but may also match with himself for enormous payouts. As a wild symbol he will match with any other symbol in the game to create winning sequences, except the scatter symbol. As a matching symbol Ramesses will give the biggest payout in the Ramesses Riches game, which is certainly nothing to take for granted. He is, after all, the king. The scatter symbol is represented by a golden ankh, or cross with a loop at the top at online casino gambling sites. If matched the scatter symbol will trigger the bonus feature of the game. The bonus feature involves the player being granted up to twenty free spins. During these free spins all winning sequences will payout three times their usual amount. Additional free spins may be added to those existing by further matching the ankh symbols.