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Dragon Slot Mentioned for Mobile Slots Players

Dragon Slot, by Amaya, is an online slot machine game, abiding by the known slot machine rules. The player must spin the reels, and hope to match the icons, left to right, in order to form winning sequences. Bonus icons grant extra payouts, or can stand in place for other icons as wild cards. The unique values of Dragon Slot are the icons themselves, which feature a collection of impressive artwork that animates for extra entertainment value. A soundtrack, featuring mysterious, fantasy themed music, is also used during play, adding a sense mystery to the game.

Player Interface

Dragon Slots has a user interface along the bottom of the screen, designed to easily be used on a mobile device. This interface shows the current account balance, the number of lines to bet on, the spin icon, and auto-spin icon for players to have a great enjoyment. Note that the player may select how many lines to bet on, meaning that more winning options can be unlocked, the more money is bet. If funds run low, the player may reduce the lines, but have less chance to win per spin. The auto-spin option, found in the bottom right, may be clicked to have the reels spin without having to manually tap the spin button. The maximum number of auto-spins allowed is 100. Also note the info button, which will explain the winning matches in more detail.

Dragon Slot Icons

A set of unique dragons feature on the Dragon Slot icons, each with a different colour and look. The dragons are; green, blue, brown, black and gold. These are played alongside classic card numbers and symbols, as well as an armoured knight and the scatter icon; a golden skull. The card numbers match as with all slot machines; in sequences or with themselves, while the dragons may likewise match with themselves. Depending on which dragons match, the payout can be bigger.

Bonus and Special Icons

The golden dragon, marked with the world wild, is the game’s wild card, and may stand as substitute for other matches. You player may get, for example, two blue dragons and a golden dragon, for a total of three blue dragons. The bonus icon is represented by two dragons fighting, and if matched with itself will trigger the bonus win sequence. This involves an animated dragon, and the chance for the player to get an enormous payout. The armoured knight icon, when matched, will grant the player a number of free spins, none of which cost a cent. These spins will play out automatically and can snowball, gathering more free spins as they go.

Play on Your Mobile Device

This game has been designed with its bold icons and easy interface to play on mobile phones and tablets. To get this game on your device, simply search for it in the applicable application store; Google Play Store or Apple iStore. If you prefer to play on your home computer, note that there is a version of the game specifically designed for this. Both versions may be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers.