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Double Exposure Blackjack

he Double Exposure Blackjack Differences

Known amongst aficionados as the Two Card game, Double Exposure Blackjack as a variant of regular blackjack was initially played in Las Vegas. The basic and significant difference in the games of Double Exposure Blackjack and regular Blackjack is that the dealers’ cards are both dealt face up. This obviously provides the player with some remarkable betting information and far greater clarity on the odds his own hand requires.

Quite evidently there are some rule changes in order to compensate the dealer for this disadvantage. A hand of natural Blackjack only pays out even money in Double Exposure Blackjack, and drawing with the dealer means a loss for the player. In addition, since both the dealers’ cards are exposed, players cannot buy insurance nor can they surrender their hand. The house edge therefore ends up being larger in Double Exposure Blackjack than in traditional blackjack. It is nevertheless still regarded as one of the better bets at the casino.

Changes to the Game Play

An additional advantage of Double Exposure Blackjack for the casino is the fact that the standard deck size is eight decks. This is an extra advantage for the house as it obscures an opportunity the player would have for accurately predicting the next cards dealt.

There are further subtle rule changes that have been made to Double Exposure Blackjack in order to swing the odds further in favour of the house. Casinos generally restrict doubling down and splitting, and certainly do not allow doubles after splitting. The basic blackjack strategy therefore will also change in this version of the game. The mere fact that the player loses in the event of a tie swings the strategy quite significantly. Included in the changes are more regulations regarding doubling and splitting at many casinos, including the fact that the player may not double after a split, or on any first two cards. The player may also not split 10-value cards that do not match.

The Various Formats and Venues

Double Exposure Blackjack is also referred to as Dealer Disclosure or Face up 21 occasionally. From a land-line perspective, some of the more eminent and larger casinos may offer the game, but online most of the online casinos powered by Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and IGT will be offering this version of blackjack. RealTime Gaming represents the US market and regularly offers this game under the name of Face up 21.

There are many a card player looking for something fresh to play at their online casino. These players will certainly enjoy the new perspective that Double Exposure Blackjack delivers to the game of blackjack.

Playing to Win Double Exposure Blackjack

The player odds might not be as good as strategically played classic online blackjack Canada, but nevertheless the expected return to player from well played Double Exposure Blackjack still in the upper regions of the best odds at the casino category of games. In addition, the changes to the rules, and fresh slant on strategy and entertainment can be worthwhile.

Like all blackjack playing advice, player desirous of success at Double Exposure Blackjack, should make sure they are familiar with the odds and strategy changes since generally this knowledge is the difference between success and failure at Double Exposure Blackjack.