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Being Charged by the Money Bull!

Slot games by the developer Aristocrat are popular with players who enjoy playing games online, as well as the large fan base of players who prefer to play their games at the land based casinos. There are however, some countries in which Aristocrat games are impossible to access. Aristocrat games have a niche market, and because the Bullfighter Returns Aristocrat slot is not yet available online in many places, the people who can enjoy the game with all the excitement it provides, must indeed feel special.

The Bullfighter Returns Aristocrat Slot is one of the latest online slots Canada game developed by the well known Australian gaming creator, Aristocrat. This is the title of a slot game that certainly does explain the purpose and theme of the game. The featured characters are of course the Bullfighter himself, and the bull. Other symbols are gold coins, guitars and the standard playing cards. The game is fairly simple to play, and the unique aspects of this game are in the betting options that are offered.

This Aristocrat version of the game features a full twenty more win lines than did the original game of this title, which makes 25 in total. The game keeps everything simple, although there are interesting betting options.

Features and Bonuses

The Bullfighter Returns Aristocrat slots does succeed in keeping the player’s attention, and the main reason for this is the bonus rounds it offers. In fact, the bonus round differs hardly at all from the original in that the main bonus is the free spins round. The correct combination of scatters will activate the free spins round, and as there are only eight free spins on offer, they are on offer fairly frequently.  Also, with the stakes being as high as they are, the value of the prizes adds up quickly. There is also a wild card, available both during both the regular play and the free spins, which further increases the value of the prizes.

The Bullfighter Returns Aristocrat slot is a basic slot game, but interesting and fun to play. If the player is only wanting to play with minimum stakes, then this is probably not the game he will enjoy, but if the big bets hold a fascination for the player, this is definitely the game for him.

Three Huge Jackpots Available

Anyone who is used to the Aristocrat slots games knows the one and two cent variations in their options, and that is exactly where the Bullfighter Returns is slightly different from all the others.

The values in this game are much bigger, with the usual versions starting at fifty cents. Certainly, because of this, the game is not going to appeal to everyone, and perhaps the high roller type of player will be more interested in this game than anyone else, who perhaps has to watch the bank. High value bets do of course mean a higher than normal prize value, and the player will not be short of a win or two in this game.

At the top end of the bets, the three jackpot amounts are accessible, and as with  slots in Canada they update dramatically, but do begin at the worthwhile amount of one thousand dollars, so they are always a prize worth winning.