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Beginners MMA Betting Guide

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a more recent form of fighting to become available on the international stage. First introduced in 1993, MMA has exploded in popularity and along with it, MMA betting has become a staple for fans of the sport around the world. MMA today rivals the likes of boxing to be the most popular fighting sport to watch and to bet on.

Starting To Bet

A great start point to any good sport bet is a great sportsbook. The two key factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a sportsbook is the ease of use and odds supplied. Ease of use will come into play with daily usability, when you plan to place a bet often, a frustrating user experience will only make your life more difficult. A good user experience can go a long way in making a sportsbook great for you. The other key factor, odds, is likely the most important feature with any sportsbook. The right odds can change your overall profitability when betting.

Finding Value

The odds aren’t always the most important thing to take into consideration when making a bet. The odds may be great but the minimum wager of a particular bet could be too high. The value is generally different for bettors as different people generally have a different willingness to accept risk and take a chance against the odds. Finding the value in your bets will be important in the long run if you plan to stay profitable.


MMA has some great advantages over other fighting sports like boxing. Below are few points as to why you should bet on MMA.

  • Small fighter pool – MMA has an advantage over other fighting sports by having a smaller pool of fighters while not sacrificing the number of fights or quality of the fights. Less fighters means easier research and more stable outcomes.
  • Consistency – MMA has shown to have great fighter consistency. It will never be possible to correctly predict the outcome of every event, but MMA is a great sport to get close.
  • Fighter styles – MMA has a range of different styles that fighters prefer. With the smaller pool of fighters, getting to know the styles, strengths and weaknesses become much easier to compare and predict. There will always be odd cases where a fighter varies from their usual style, for the most part the fighting styles will remain somewhat consistent, helping with predictability.
  • Odds – tends to have better odds available than other fighting sports. This is not a consistent rule across all fights. For the most part it will be easier to find value in MMA than other fighting sports.


Out of all the fighting sports available, MMA stands to be one of the best for anybody who wants to try their hand at betting. As with all sports betting, research will be key. Be sure to know the fighters to make the best possible predictions throughout your betting career.