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A Detailed Introduction to Online Casino Payout

If anyone is asked to give a brief explanation as to what an online casino payout is in the USA, I think most people would say it is the money that goes into your pocket…or bank account.. at the end of the day.

There is nothing wrong with this answer, as this is very spot on as to what an online casino payout is. However, at the end of the day informed decisions often prove to be the best ones, which is why players will find the rest of this write up helpful and informative.

When you read an online casino review, you are bound to get to the section explaining the online casino payout ratios and payment percentage rates.  These come in handy when choosing an online casino site to play on.

The so-called payout percentage rate speaks of how much that specific online casino pays back.  The average return to player rate currently ranks between 93% and 98%.  Potential players can use this as a guide when scouting for the next USA based online casino.

Online or Land Based?

The numbers show clearly that online casinos tend to offer higher payout percentages and better welcoming bonuses than land based casinos.

On average, land based casinos have payout rates ranging from 70% to 80%, compared to the online casino payout rates with rates of up to 98%.  A general piece of advice: it makes sense to avoid online casino sites with payout percentages below 90%.

Various Online Casino Payout Methods

There is a whole range of USA online casino payout methods available, and each casino will advise which options are available on their particular site.

The most obvious way for players to receive their winnings is via an online transfer into their bank account.  However, there are still requests from players to have their winnings paid out using other methods, and therefore more than one online casino payout method still exists today.

Most online casinos will send you a cheque, if so requested by the player.  This is a bit of a longer way of receiving your winnings, and could take up to 3 weeks, depending on where in the USA you are situated.

Most USA based online casinos offer the method of depositing funds via wire transfer to start playing for real cash, and the refund option of the wire transfer is also available once players want to cash out.  These money wiring methods are quick and fast, and does not create an endless paper trail, but it must be kept in mind that withdrawal fees apply when using this online casino payout method.

Online casinos also have an e-wallet option available called a MyPaylinQ account. Once you have this account set up and activated, everything is smooth sailing from there on onwards.  Now you can deposit money into your e-wallet, or transfer your winnings from your online casino account into your e-wallet and either keep your money safe, or withdraw it from your wallet.